Bring The Community To Your Table

Bountiful offers creative, healthy, and locally sourced dinner delivery to families all around Boston. We currently serve Cambridge, Somerville, Arlington, & Belmont Monday thru Friday.

Deliveries to Newton & Brookline currently take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:30-7:30.

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A Local Dinner Delivery Experience

Bountiful uses the power of farm-to-table meals to nourish the community. Our dinner delivery arrives every weeknight between 6-730 PM depending on location. With a weekly rotating menu, we ensure a reliable and delicious way to support the local food economy.

1. Farm

We work hand in hand with local farms to source seasonal and fresh ingredients each week for your dinner delivery.

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2. Chef

Our talented culinary team puts together diverse and delicious dinners with the freshest ingredients around.

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3. Delivery

Bountiful’s in-house delivery drivers deliver your meal hot and ready to eat between 6-730 PM Monday thru Friday. You will receive text updates with your meal’s ETA.

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4. Enjoy

You get to enjoy a delicious meal that has supported the community every step of the way.

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Caribbean Black Bass $26

Caribbean Style fillets of Black Bass seasoned with Cilantro, Garlic and Lime. Served with Crispy Green Plantains and Red Beans & Rice.


Wine Pairing:

Jean-Marc Burgaud, Beaujolais-Villages Blanc $17.99

Jelu Estate, Patagonia Pinot Noir $17.99

Keenan Goodwin

Keenan is the executive chef here at Bountiful. Keenan started cooking at 15 while attending his local Vocational/Technical High School for Culinary. At 16 he had his first restaurant job at The Cafe Escadrille in Burlington, where he learned a little bit of everything. After graduating high school he went on to finish his Associates in Culinary Arts & Bachelors in Culinary Management at the CIA in Hyde Park, NY. Upon returning home he has worked in restaurants in Watertown, to Kenmore Square in Boston, to right up the street here in Somerville. 


Throughout his career, Keenan has had the opportunity to travel to food destinations in New York City, Napa County CA, Spain, Italy and France. Keenan tries to work with as little waste as possible while focusing on local and in-season ingredients. If he can help introduce you to something new and exciting while doing so, then even better. 

Wulf’s Fish

Wulf‘s Fish is a boutique seafood distributor serving top restaurants in Boston, New York City, and across the country. We source only the best seafood, handle it meticulously, and cut fish by hand with an old school attention to detail and service.

The current distribution company grew out of a beloved fish market in Brookline that sold to a loyal clientele for 90 years, starting in 1926. In 2016, we closed the store and shifted our focus from the neighborhood to the restaurant kitchen. Our chef customers are just as obsessed with quality as we are, and they range from multi-Michelin starred chefs working every day to maintain and exceed their own high standards, to up-and-coming independent chef-operators striving to make their mark on the world. In spring 2020, we launched an online store and home delivery service, selling to home cooks the same top-quality products usually reserved for chefs.

Honey & Zaatar Roasted Squash – Tuesday $8

A yummy sweet and bright side dish for any meal!

Gluten Free
Brookford Farm

We are a 600-acre diversified farm with 35+ acres in certified organic vegetable production. The farm is also home to cattle, hogs, and chickens, all rotated on pasture as the seasons allows. Our cows are 100% grass fed and our pigs and chickens are supplemented with non – GMO grain. Our products are distributed to a 250+ member year-round CSA, restaurants, retail stores, home delivery and farmers markets. We have a farm store on site that is open 7 days a week. Milk from our dairy herd is bottled raw or turned into a wide variety of dairy products in our creamery.

Located only 15 minutes north of Concord, Brookford Farm is situated along the banks of the Merrimack River in Canterbury, NH. The farm moved from Rollinsford in 2012 to undertake the rewarding task of restoring this former sod farm into productive agricultural land using sustainable methods.

Kohlrabi Salad – Tuesday $9

Shaved Kohlrabi, Carrot, Lettuce, Frisee, Apple Cider Vinaigrette.

Gluten Free
Norwich Meadows Farm

After working in the dairy division at Cornell Cooperative Extension for six years, Zaid Kurdieh and his wife Haifa decided to open their own certified organic farm in 1998. Starting with just an half acre behind their house, their vision of supporting the community has become a reality and now they farm over 200 acres. Norwich Meadows Farm produces food that is free of harsh chemicals and is grown using natural fertilizers. Realizing the health of the earth’s resources is paramount in the production of food, they have made a promise to always strive to preserve their agricultural land, and to use it in a manner that is economically, ecologically, and ethically sound. The secret mix of organic micronutrients in their soil is why their crops taste “way different.” As Zaid likes to say: “we grow strictly for flavor, not for storage.”

Miso Tahini Roasted Cauliflower – Tuesday $7

One of our fan favorites! Crunchy Cauliflower tossed in an umami-packed miso-tahini sauce.


Contains Sesame, Soy, & Nuts.

Gluten Free
Kimball Fruit Farm

Located in Peperell, MA.

Each meal is so delicious and flavorful and it has incredibly simplified our nightly meal routine. We would absolutely recommend it to others. We’re so grateful that we found out about Bountiful. Keep up the great work!!! 🙂

Gabriel F.

I was skeptical when my daughter suggested we order the pork roast for this week since I can make pot roast.  Boy am I glad we did!  It was so so delicious.  Juicy, flavorful, veggies firm but well cooked and there will be leftovers for tomorrow too! Such a good value and my family is left satisfied and happy!

Michelle B.

Bountiful delivers amazing, filling, healthy meals each night. The service is impeccable and meals are consistently delicious. Has made life so much easier, especially for a household with two busy professionals. Would recommend to anyone and everyone!

Nathaniel S.

Chicken was PERFECTLY mouthwateringly cooked. This is such a welcome change from ordering the same old Chinese food. The food is first-class – and I’m a foodie. Love the connection to the local farms.

Kim J.